Volunteers Needed

We have dozens of volunteers now who are helping us with the following:

  • Be sure that you have signed both petitions and share with your neighbors.
  • Get signatures from registered voters – (With COV19 we believe it is best if we continue with our online petition for now.)
  • Promote this website and our Facebook page to all of your social media contacts in Christian County Missouri every single hour. You can do that by using an app to preload messages or on twitter you can use TweetDeck.com which is completely free to use. Use hashtags like #stopozarkannex #Ozark #OzarkMO
  • Help to pay for ads in CC Headliner and Social Media. We will provide information on how to do that if you are interested to simply contact us.
  • Researchers, to help gather information. The majority of the research is done online.
  • Additional legal advisors
  • Contact us with any additional help you can provide using the contact page.

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